Akira-san to aenakunaru no wa sabishii desu

Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by guyper, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. guyper Senior Member

    French Creole
    "Akira-san to aenakunaru no wa sabishii desu"

    Help to translate please

    Thank you
  2. FuShi New Member

    Español, Chile
    How sad I wont be able to contact akira-san

    If you are Akira, then replace akira for "you"

  3. ty604 Senior Member

    Literally I think it would be...

    "as for becoming that I can not meet akira, it is sad".

    I think :)

    Sometimes I enjoy literal translations because you can break down the particles and things. But it does not make for smooth translation lol
  4. FuShi New Member

    Español, Chile
    for analyzing the structure it is very useful, but not for translating x(!

    And I agree: Meet is better than contact XD
  5. sakurasaku Member

    For natural-sounding translations, I would say

    "I will miss seeing you, Akira-san."

    or even more simply,

    "I will miss you, Akira-san."

    This is assuming that you are talking to Akira-san. If the listener is someone else, you can just use "Akira-san" instead of "you, Akira-san", of course.

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