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    To Algerian speakers, does darija use the ism faa3il as much as the other dialects (for example the masri dialect). So for example how would you say 'I wanted to ask you about...' Would you say 'kont 7aab saqseek ....'
  2. tounsi51 Senior Member

    am not sure it is like Tunisian, they will say 7abet nsaqsek
  3. Nour26 New Member

    We say ' kont 7aab nsaqseek' or '7abeet nsaqseek' :)
  4. seta Senior Member

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    Excuse me which verb have you used for "ask"?
  5. إسكندراني

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    Questo :)
    صقصى / يصقصي
  6. Aloulu Senior Member

    Tunisian Arabic
    actually we use sa2el or "ena as2el" most of the time for "asking" in Tunisia. The common Arabic verb of "asking".

    7abet ns2elk 7aja (I wanted to ask you something) or n7eb ns2elk (I want to ask you..)
  7. tounsi51 Senior Member

    we also use "enched"

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