alta tolerancia a la frustración

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  1. Poniente New Member

    Hi everybody!!!!

    I would be very grateful if you could help me in this:
    how can I say "alta tolerancia a la frustración"???
    My try is: high tolerance at that right?
  2. Iararo Senior Member

    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Spanish - Argentina
    Yo diría "high tolerance to frustration"
  3. Poniente New Member

    Yeahh, it sounds me better!!
  4. fmzamoranod New Member

    Mexico, Spanish
    Yo he leido:

    - Frustration Tolerance
    - Tolerance for Frustration

    Supongo que estás en el contexto de la psicología:

    "Low frustrationtolerance arises from demands that things be as we want"


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