1. SEMINOVNA Senior Member

    I'm helping a friend to translate into English the website of his company, and I'm not sure how to translate "Ampliar Imagen".

    It's an option you are given when you are choosing the colour from a colour list (it's a furniture company), and its purpose is to enlarge the image corresponding to the chosen colour, in case you want to see it better.

    Could it be "enlarge image" or "widen image", or should it be something completely different?

    Thank you
  2. Zergling Senior Member

    Madrid, Spanish
    En mi humilde opinión... Utilizaría zoom. Pero creo que quitando eso, "enlarge image" sería adecuado.

    De todas formas, espera a ver más opiniones.

    Un saludo.
  3. Here I am Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentinean Spanish
    Yo usaría: "enlarge"
  4. SEMINOVNA Senior Member

    Thank you everybody!

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