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  1. lnavalin New Member

    Dublin, Ireland
    Mexican Spanish
    I have been looking around and I can't find any reference in Spanish to translations to the words app store. Would you leave it in English on a Spanish text?
    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. BuenaIdea Member


    Podría ser "Almacén de applicación".

    Pero no estoy segura. A ver qué le parece.

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  3. BuenaIdea Member

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  4. lnavalin New Member

    Dublin, Ireland
    Mexican Spanish
  5. igdman95 New Member

    Puedes dejarlo como está o en todo caso "tienda de aplicaciones"
  6. Mmart Senior Member

    Spanish, Catalan - Spain
    Android application store -> Tienda Android
    The fruit one --> Tienda Apple

    Definitively not "almacén". And we have equivalents in spanish, no need to keep the english words in this case (it happens from time to time!).
    The two "tienda" options I wrote above is what people is saying where I live, be aware that in other spanish-speaking countries they may use a completely different translation.

    And yes, we skip the app. part. :cool:

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