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  1. pyt1 Member

    I'm always not sure about the usage of "postuler", I made several phrases as following:

    "postuler les universites"
    "postuler aux universites"
    "postuler pour les universites"

    which one is correct? could someone give me some examples to identify this word?

    thanks for your help~
  2. Cooler Master Member

    France, french
    "postuler à/pour un poste (=job, position)"
    Je postule pour être professeur d'université
    Je postule à un poste de professeur d'université
  3. pyt1 Member

    merci coller Master,

    can wen say "Je postule pour le/au master xxx"?

    BTW:What would you say if you wanna express the meaning "I apply to the university of xxx"
  4. Cooler Master Member

    France, french
    you postulate when you apply for a job, a position, not to an institution; concerning the master, are you the teacher or a student? if student, I would rather say "je m'inscris (=to register) au master de science"
  5. pyt1 Member

    But waht if I am just applying, but not being admitted. could I still say "je m'inscris au master de science?
  6. Cooler Master Member

    France, french
    je tente (=try) de m'inscrire...?
    = I try to register to...
  7. lexiconnaissance Senior Member

    Est-ce qu'on peut dire "se postuler"?
  8. aymeric2k New Member

    Oui tu peux dire : je postule pour un master à l'université...
  9. birdyumi

    birdyumi Senior Member

    on dit "poser sa candidature pour un master"... ou candidater se dit aussi je pense mais c'est plus rare. si on dit postuler cela veut dire que on veut un poste de prof ou d'assistant....

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