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appraisal district

Discussion in 'Specialized Terminology' started by bofico, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. bofico Senior Member

    Austin, Texas
    Hi, everyone. Una preguntita, por favor: what would be the most common translation for "appraisal district" in Latinoamérica? That is to say, the local government authority that is in charge of appraising residential property and then collects property and other local taxes?


  2. abeltio Senior Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    Un invento: Distrito de tasación

    In Argentina to appraise real state is said: tasar

    tasar.(Del lat. taxāre).1. tr. Fijar oficialmente el precio máximo o mínimo para una mercancía.2. tr. Graduar el precio o valor de una cosa o un trabajo.3. tr. Restringir el uso de algo por prudencia o tacañería. Tasar la comida al enfermo.

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  3. bofico Senior Member

    Austin, Texas
    thanks abeltio. what is called "tasar" in Argentina might also be called "evaluar" in México or Perú. I was wondering, if I use the term "distrito fiscal", would someone from Latin America know intuitively what I was referring to?
  4. abeltio Senior Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    Distrito fiscal in Argentina would be understood as the jurisdiction of a certain court.
    In México it may make sense...

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