apreciar vs. agradecer

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  1. gramatica Banned

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    Hola a todos:

    Apreciar es lo mismo que agradecer?

    Por ejemplo,

    Se puede decir "Muchas gracias. Te/se lo agradezco=Muchas gracias. Lo aprecio mucho/Realmente lo aprecio=Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. :confused:

    Gracias de antemano
  2. Tlamatini Member

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    lo aprecia = i appreciate it
    se lo agredezco = i thank you for it
  3. Milton Sand

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    Español (Colombia)
    It is the same difference between "to thank" and "to appreciate"
    Are they the same?... sometimes.
  4. luisjr14 Senior Member

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    Apreciar = Appreciate
    Agradecer = To Thank

    Espero esto sea de ayuda
  5. Tlamatini Member

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    Se lo agradezco more like im grateful for it
    i also meant Lo aprecio
  6. evitap Senior Member

    No, Gramática, I think they are different in that you say: Gracias, te lo agradezco mucho, you don't say: Gracias, lo aprecio mucho, because that would mean: Thank you I'm fond of you, I like you. If you want to use the verb "apreciar" to say thank you, you have to say: Gracias, aprecio mucho el gesto que tuviste (o: tu gentileza o: tu detalle conmigo). You see? You need a direct object, or else, if you say "Lo aprecio mucho", your implicit direct object will be "you".
    I hope I made myself clear.
  7. gramatica Banned

    USA English
    Thank you very much everyone


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