Araby the blest

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    Hi, I'm translating an extract from a book, and I bumped into the phrase "Araby the blest". Does someone here know what it means? I tried looking for it in google, but the only result I found is the title of a book: "Araby the Blest: studies in Arabian archaeology" by Daniel T. Potts :confused:
    Anyway, here's some more context:
    "A mysterious alchemy had been at work and transformed the mixture into something exquisite—a dish to be envied by great kings and sultans. It had about it odors of the East; savors of Araby the blest."
  2. Mary49

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    è una citazione da "Paradise Lost" di John Milton
    Sabean odours from the spicy shore
    Of Araby the Blest, with such delay

    Per quel che mi aiuta la mia formazione universitaria, "blest" sta per "blessed" = "benedetta"
  3. london calling Senior Member

    Giusto, Mary.:)
  4. A.T. Member

    Grazie mille e scusa il ritardo ^^ Mi sa che userò "l'Arabia felice", come in una delle traduzioni di Paradise Lost.

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