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Araby the blest

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by A.T., Aug 29, 2014.

  1. A.T. Junior Member

    Hi, I'm translating an extract from a book, and I bumped into the phrase "Araby the blest". Does someone here know what it means? I tried looking for it in google, but the only result I found is the title of a book: "Araby the Blest: studies in Arabian archaeology" by Daniel T. Potts :confused:
    Anyway, here's some more context:
    "A mysterious alchemy had been at work and transformed the mixture into something exquisite—a dish to be envied by great kings and sultans. It had about it odors of the East; savors of Araby the blest."
  2. Mary49

    Mary49 Senior Member

    è una citazione da "Paradise Lost" di John Milton http://www.bartleby.com/4/404.html
    Sabean odours from the spicy shore
    Of Araby the Blest, with such delay

    Per quel che mi aiuta la mia formazione universitaria, "blest" sta per "blessed" = "benedetta"
  3. london calling Senior Member

    Giusto, Mary.:)
  4. A.T. Junior Member

    Grazie mille e scusa il ritardo ^^ Mi sa che userò "l'Arabia felice", come in una delle traduzioni di Paradise Lost.

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