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Asking for help with translation

Discussion in 'Čeština (Czech)' started by FramboiseinParis, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. FramboiseinParis Junior Member


    I am trying to build my family tree, and found my ancestors with success. They lived in Moravia, so the parish book entree is written in Czech. Could you be so kind to translate it for me? I am interested in the name of the husband's and wife's parents, their place of birth and the professions.

    I uploaded the image to https://picasaweb.google.com/melindamod/FamilyTree. The line in question is the one with Pavel Drgac, in the middle of the picture.

    Thank you ,
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  2. morior_invictus

    morior_invictus Senior Member

    Hi Melinda,

    a translation of any text from one language to another calls for a text* that is readable, not to mention legible (read "not the actual one" :rolleyes:).

    Is there any possibility to upload the image with higher resolution than the actual 912 x 570 px? Thank you.

    * and a knowledge of at least two relevant languages, of course. :)
  3. FramboiseinParis Junior Member

    First of all, thank you for your answer.
    In my browser, the image appears to be 1440x900, it is strange that you cannot see it bigger than 912x570.
    Unfortunately, due to the not always best quality of the scanned image of the parish books, that's the best I can do.
  4. morior_invictus

    morior_invictus Senior Member

    Thank you. The second image, you uploaded after my post, is really in the resolution 1440 x 900 px, although due to the parish priest`s "calligraphy," I still can`t decipher the whole text (just some parts like:
    III. stř. 101, 1871 Leden 16, Anton Kaštyl farář
    Pavel Drgáč na dovolavací .... vojín... ,syn Vavřína Drgáče...
    ...Mariany dcery
    Byli ohlášeni na 3 farach...neděli). :confused:

    These websites might help you decipher the whole text:

    Good luck! :thumbsup:
  5. bibax Senior Member

    I can read:
    Pavel Drgač, zednický tovaryš (mason journeyman)
    - Vavřin (Vavřinec) Drgač, Pavel's father, "podruh" (a farm worker) in Nezdenice;
    - Mariana, Vavřin's wife, Pavel's mother;
    -- František Poledňák, Mariana's father, from Nezdenice;

    - Josef [Hrubíšek ??], Veronika's father, "domkář" (house owner) in Nezdenice;
    - Mariana, Josef's wife, Veronika's mother;
    -- Josef Kalinec, Mariana's father, from Nezdenice;

    na dovolenou propuštěný vojín = private (common soldier) on the leave of absence;
    od c.k. pluku arcivévody Karla č. 3 = from K.u.k. Infanterieregiment „Erzherzog Karl“ Nr. 3;

    Nezdenice = a village near Uherský Brod (Magyarbród);
    syn = son; dcera = daughter, j.m. = his wife;

    Interestingly the Christian names of both mothers-in-law were Mariana. However in the 19th century the commonest Christian names were Josef and Marie (i.e. Holly family). Mariana was probably a local variant of Marie.
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