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Asking for opinion...

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Artrella, May 1, 2005.

  1. Artrella Banned

    Hi Forum! I need some phrases other than "What do you think?" to ask for opinion in a polite way.
    I'd also like if you can provide me with some "informal" expressions, too.
    Would you please clarify which one is "informal"?

    Thank you very much!
  2. kathy_wylie Senior Member

    France, La Vienne, 86
    Ireland, English
    'what do you make of this?' - a pretty informal phrase.

    'do you like this?'

    'what's your opinion'? - formal.

    there's my contribution! personally I use the first and second one a lot.
  3. lsp

    lsp Senior Member

    US, English
    A good part of the emails I receive at work are closed:

    "Your thoughts?"

    "Your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated."

    "I look forward to your comments or questions."
  4. Axl Senior Member

    England, English
    What do you reckon (optional: to that/this)? - Very informal, but still polite.
  5. garryknight Senior Member

    Kent, UK
    UK, English
    The following are all informal ways of seeking an opinion:

    "(How) does ... seem?", e.g. "How does this seem to you?", "Does his behaviour seem strange?", "Do I seem tired?" [And you can substitute "look" for "seem"]

    "Do you think...?", e.g. "... it is better than the others?", "...he is capable?", "...it is necessary?"

    "Do you get the feeling that...?", e.g. "...we're on to something here?", "...he doesn't enjoy his job?"

    "Is it me, or...?", e.g. "...is it warm in here?", "...does your mother look angry?"

    Informal and ungrammatical: "How about we go to the pub this evening?", "What do you say we get some Chinese takeaway?"
  6. rayb Senior Member

    Chile - Spanish
    IMO, "How do yo feel about it?" would also sound quite polite.

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