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# ( asterisco gato )

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by layne.cobain, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. layne.cobain New Member

    tengo esa duda, por si alguien me puede ayudar, gracias.
  2. GTG Junior Member

    # es el signo de número
  3. jmx

    jmx Senior Member

    Spain / incorrect Spanish
  4. Weaton Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Argentina - Español
    Solo una opción mas:

    Nosotros le decimos "numeral"

  5. pheeps Senior Member

    # se dice "almohadilla" en español
  6. RainWoman

    RainWoman Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Sólo cuando se refiere a cosas del teléfono...
    En España no se usa realmente este símbolo para el número, como hacen otros países que lo ponen en las cartas para el número de la casa en la que uno vive. Aquí se pone: nº.
  7. GregorioC Junior Member

    In The US (at least), we call the "#" the "pound sign".
  8. David_1987 Junior Member

    Lake George, NY, USA
    Spanish -- Guayaquil, Ecuador
    I thought it was called "numeral" such as in Spanish.
  9. MarcB Senior Member

    US English
    In the US it is the pound sign especially on the telephone. Also the number sign.#, but not numeral as in Spanish.
  10. Tim Owens Senior Member

    when you enter to a mailbox to leave a message you use "pound key" this is the (asterisco gato)
  11. David_1987 Junior Member

    Lake George, NY, USA
    Spanish -- Guayaquil, Ecuador
    I've heard in some answer machines the following phrase: "please press the pound's key". Is that correct too?


    Dave :)
  12. mrbilal87

    mrbilal87 Senior Member

    English (NAmE)
    I don't think so, at least I've never heard it. I've only heard "the pound key."

    I do believe that in England, however, they call this the "hash."
  13. Blower's daughter

    Blower's daughter Senior Member

    Spanish London
    Yes mrbilal87 in England it is called 'hash'.

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