1. mijail20 Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    how would you say this in english? thanks
  2. scotu Senior Member

    Paradise: LaX.Nay.Mex.
    Chicago English
    This is a pure guess: classroom-workshop

    This site suggests that "classroom - factory":

    My translation:
    In synthesis: It is possible to state that the classroom factory is the place where a group of humans - some called students and others called educators, and where educator and student intermix/meld, they lose their identity as such and they lose it and find it and lose it and find it, because all learn and all teach, they bond, they see with their own eyes and imagination what is real and what is is not.

    Sounds like they are describing this forum!:D
  3. andrea_curly_girl Junior Member

    Español-Puerto Rico
    áula=salón de clases=classroom
  4. Amosya Senior Member

    Spain. Español
    I've heard of the "workshop classroom", where they usually mean there are other classrooms and there is a specific one for the workshop.
  5. mijail20 Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    gracias mosya
  6. little harley Senior Member

    milwaukee, wi, usa
    USA, english
    "classroom workshop" se usa comunmente para presentaciones o clases de ambiente informale y involucrando trabajo o ejemplos de trabajos perteneciente a el campo particular. Workshop se usa aunque se trate de trabajos clericos o otros similares.
  7. Graciel M New Member

    castellano español
    Hola, este es mi primer mensaje y quiero saber como se traduce "aula taller" en ingles y a tambien que significa en ingles:" from now on" gracias. Graciel.
  8. Apropósitamente New Member

    Tenerife, Spain
    La traducción de "aula taller" la tienes en este mismo foro. Yo diría "classroom workshop". En cuanto a "from now on", aunque no sea éste el apartado que corresponde, significa "de ahora en adelante".

  9. Graciel M New Member

    castellano español
    Oh! muchas gracias, por las dos aclaraciones perdona que no haya entrado a comprobarlo antes esto de ser novato....
    Gracias otra vez.

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