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  1. teatime Senior Member

    Spain . Spanish
    This is from beowulf, verses 2743 to 2750.
    Go now quickly,
    Dearest Wiglaf, under the grey stone
    Where the dragon is laid out, lost to his treasure;
    hurry to feast your eyes on the hoard.
    AWay you go: I want to examine
    That ancient gold, gaze my .....

    This is my try:
    Ve ahora deprisa, querido Wiglaf,
    A la piedra gris bajo la cual yace el dragon, ajeno para siempre a su tesoro.
    ....................quiero examinar ese oro antiguo......

    Thanks in advanced
  2. Tazzler Senior Member

    American English
    To me it means "vete."
  3. teatime Senior Member

    Spain . Spanish
    Thanks a lot, Tazzler

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