Böğa kükreten

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    What does this word literally mean? Does it mean 'that which causes a bull to roar' or 'a thing which makes the sound of a bull roaring'? The latter makes much more sense but I am not sure of the significance of the causative -t- here. Thanks to the forum for all their help to me.
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    It literally means "something causes a bull to roar."
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    boğa kükreten : 'that which causes a bull to roar'

    boğa: bull

    kükremek: to roar
    kükretmek: to make it roar
    kükreten: the one that makes it roar
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    You should know that that is not an idom.It doesnt have a mean figuratively and literally.I just comprehend like that there is two too different words putting alongside.
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