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Discussion in 'Magyar (Hungarian)' started by Oishi, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Oishi New Member

    English - U.S.
    Hi! A friend recently wrote me to say "böki a [my name]-t." Has anyone any notion what "böki" here means? Thanks.
  2. Puppancs

    Puppancs New Member

    Magyar - Hungarian
    bökni - to poke
    So if you were "Juli' then "böki a Julit" probably would refer to a sexual content, I'm afraid of.
    If it were "bökdösi" or "piszkálja", that would mean simple "poking", "bothering" or "annoying".
  3. Zsanna

    Zsanna ModErrata

    Hungarian - Hungary
    Hello Oishi and welcome to our forum:)

    Wasn't it on Facebook? "Poke" used there is called "bök" in Hungarian (or some variation of it) so it could come from there, meaning... well...
    It's only ardent (at least more than me) FB users who know what it is used for really, for me it means something like: "hello there"/"Haven't had your news"/"What's up?", etc. etc.
  4. francisgranada Senior Member

    Szerintem ez a "böki" eléggé "context sensitive" (hogy így mondjam ...)

    Van (vagy legalább is volt) olyan, hogy "Ez már böki!" aminek az értelme egyértelműen pozitív. Viszont használatosak olyasféle kifejezések is, mint pl. "böki a szememet" aminek az értelme inkább negatív ("irritál engem" vagy valami hasonló).

    Na most, "böki a Julit", minden további részlet vagy kontextus nélkül, nem jelentheti azt is hogy a Julit irritálja, zavarja, bosszantja ... (nem basszantja :)) az "ipse" vagy az "illető személy"?

    Mit a véleményetek?
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2012
  5. Zsanna

    Zsanna ModErrata

    Hungarian - Hungary
    Yes, I agree. More context could certainly help there. :thumbsup:

    I don't know your sentence but didn't you think of "Ez már döfi!" by chance? (That is appreciative, so could be called positive, too.)
  6. francisgranada Senior Member

    Yes, I think you are right :). You surely know the phenomenon, when one does pronounce something, let's say four times, then it becomes quite acceptable (if not "addirittura" :) correct ...)

    P.S. Addirittura is an Italian word that I am not able to translate in English, sorry ...)

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