Bachillerato o Licenciatura

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    I have read the various forum posts regarding the translation of the various educational degrees. I have one remaining question, however. Is "Bachillerato" an appropriate translation of the English "Bachelors Degree?" Should that rather be translated "Licenciatura"? If I do translate it "Licenciatura," will that convey an idea that is not included in the US concept of a "Bachelors Degree?"
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    You're right, 'Bachelor's Degree' is 'licenciatura'. 'Bachillerato' is the course/exams taken in the last years of school before university. In England the equivalent is A Levels, I'm afraid I don't know what the US equivalent is.
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    A "bachillerato" is the equivalent to English A-levels, completed before you go to university, not a degree. I'm pretty sure a "Licienciatura" is the same as a bachelor's degree, a licienciatura seems to mean the same thing as my British bachelor degree, it's the standard qualification at university. Hope this helps!
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