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  1. Arzhela

    Arzhela Senior Member

    Here's my sentence : "I studied my back side off and I scored well on that test."
    "J'ai étudier ??? and j'ai bien réussi cet examen."
    I guess that it means she studied a lot but what is the exact meaning of "back side off" please ?
    Thank you very much for your answer.
  2. Zone

    Zone Senior Member

    France, French
    "J'ai étudié comme un fou..."
  3. Léa123

    Léa123 Senior Member

    French - France
    Je dirais: J'ai étudié/travaillé dur...
    "To study one's back side off" me parait être une version moins vulgaire de "to study one's a.. off" ;)
  4. Arzhela

    Arzhela Senior Member

    Thank you very much both !

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