Bacterial biofilm

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  1. Geynser Junior Member


    does anybody know the translation of: bacterial biofilm? It is in a text about contact lenses... it says: "bacterial biofilm on contact lenses and lens storage cases in wearers with microbial keratitis"

    Thank u!

  2. imcrises Junior Member

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    That means a Deposition of Bacterial layer or a biofilm.
    But i am not sure.
    wait for more replies.:)
  3. Marviniko New Member

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    Yeah, it's a way bacterias have to arrange themselves while they grow, it can be a biofilm or a planktonic state.
  4. Ilialluna

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    Hola. Yo diría "biopelícula bacteriana".
  5. dcanteroc New Member

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    Biopelícula bacteriana lo he visto publicado, pero el término en inglés es tan importante que ya se usa en español. Un ejemplo común de biofilm es la placa bacteriana en los dientes que puede producir caries. Generalmente en español lo pronunciamos /biofilm/ y no /baiofilm/.

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