bain linguistique / bain de langue

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  1. xiaolong2m Member

    Hey I'd like to know if there is a similar expression in English for "un bain de langue" which is when you go alone to a foreign country to be constantly at the contact of a language, in order to learn it.

    would "language bath" be an understandable traduction? would it be correct?

    thanks in advance for your answer!

  2. LART01 Senior Member

    Not really
    language immersion?
  3. vsop44 Senior Member

    pays d'Evangeline
    français France
    In english it's called (french/english) immersion .

    In Canada ,there are immersion classes(english or french) for children as young as 4 years old .
  4. xiaolong2m Member

    thanks a lot guys! how fast you are! =)

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