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Balcanic Sephardite

Discussion in 'Etymology, History of languages and Linguistics (EHL)' started by sesperxes, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. sesperxes

    sesperxes Senior Member

    Burgos (Spain)
    Dear foreros,

    I'd like to know what differences may I find between the Sephardite spoken in ex-Yugoslavia and that spoken in, let's say, Istambul or Tessaloniki. I've spoken to Sephardites in Sarajevo and in Greece too, but I've not been able to see if what I didn't undersatood was Hebrew, Serbian or Greek loanwords and/or structures.

  2. killerbee256 Senior Member

    American English
    Do you mean judeo-espanol? I've never heard it called Sephardite before.
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  3. sesperxes

    sesperxes Senior Member

    Burgos (Spain)
    You can call this language "judeo-español", "judeoespañol", "dzudezmo", "ladino", "espanyol", "lo ke avlamos"....

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