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Bateria de frio (air conditioning)

Discussion in 'Specialized Terminology' started by Eloco36, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Eloco36 New Member

    Hello, I would like to know how it is transalted BATERIA DE FRIO into English. Context : Si hacemos pasar el aire del recinto por una batería de frío, ya sea de expansión directa o alimentada con agua fría, el aire experimenta un enfriamiento sensible.

    Thank you very much
  2. Sethi I

    Sethi I Senior Member

    Los Ángeles-Chile
    I think you can use those: cooling tower or simply radiator
  3. mariob New Member

    hi, I think you could use cooling elements
  4. Eloco36 New Member

    Thank you!

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