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  1. Miliu Junior Member

    Dear foreros,

    I've learnt the easiest way of insulting someone is VOCATIVE+JEDAN (lopove jedan! idiote jedan! itd).
    It's not my aim insulting BCS-speaking people as a rule, but if the gender of the victim would be feminine, that "jedan" becomes "jedno"(VOC) or "jedna"(NOM)? (kravo jedna/jedno! glupo jedno/jedna! gusko jedno/jedna! itd.).

  2. Vanja Senior Member

    Idiote usually goes alone. :D
    Lopove jedan or better Lopovčino!

    For female victims is Jedna - kravo jedna!
    Some fem nouns are used to insult a man or a woman - Budalo jedna! Svinjo jedna! Pijanico jedna! Životinjo jedna!
    (and vice versa)

    Glupo jedna/jedno You need a noun in the vocative case, not an adjective
    Glupačo jedna! Glupaku! Glupanderu! Glupčo!

    I guess this is enough :p
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  3. Miliu Junior Member

    Thanks: read, learnt and put in a drawer.
  4. Anicetus Senior Member

    To sum up, the vocative case of adjectives, pronouns and numbers is always identical to the nominative. So it's not glupačo *jedno just like it isn't glupane *jedne.
  5. natasha2000

    natasha2000 Senior Member

    You can also use "nijedan/nijedna". That's even more insulting. It's like as if you said: you are so pittiful that you are not even ... (what preceded to "nijedan").

    For example, stoko nijedna. (You are so pittiful that you are not even "stoka" -- cattle).. or

    Gusko nijedna (you're so stupid that you are more stupid than a goose)....
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