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BCS - kresati

Discussion in 'Other Slavic Languages' started by qwqwqw, May 4, 2013.

  1. qwqwqw Senior Member

    Bayern, D
    "A za to ga debelo plaćaju. I još kreše sekretaricu po ceo dan u kancelariji sa klimom!"

    Jedno pitanje, molim. Šta znaci "kreše"? It is translated as " spolno općiti" in the HJP but I don't understand that either.

    Hvala ljepa.
  2. itreius Senior Member

    It means to have sex with, to fuck.
  3. tosamja Senior Member

    Serbian - Bosnia
    "кресати" је вулгаран израз који значи "водити љубав". наравно, основно значење глагола "кресати" je "to trim", а има и неколико других значења.

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