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  1. cote soler New Member

    I still have problems with "BEAT" anyone can help me!?
    I have a lot of "BEAT" in a theatre play and I don´t know the best meaning.
    I´m sending a couple of examples:

    1.Man:are you gonna live me? Woman: Yes Man: Why? Woman: Sam. Beat. Man: Sam? He´s a kid.

    2.Girl: I was in the middle of nowhere. Man: what were you doing in the middle of nowhere? Girl: travelling. Beat. Man: alone? Girl: with... a male. Beat.

    I´m sure it can´t mean Silence or Pause because both are used in other parts of the play.

    Any idea?

    Thank you!
  2. decanus_es Member

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    According to Wikipedia: In theater, a beat can refer to a short pause inserted into an actor's delivery.

    Hope it helps!
  3. cote soler New Member

    Gracias por tu respuesta y por tu info de wikipedia, no sabía que existía tal cosa.
  4. lorenzzo Member

    spanish spain
    Cuando en un guion de una pelicula, entre dos frases que alguien dice, ponen "(beat)" ¿alguien sabe que significa?
  5. borgonyon

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    El guión ese, ¿está en la pantalla o está escrito?

    Si está en la pantalla puede ser una señal para los sordos que hay música o algun sonido entre las frases.
  6. lorenzzo Member

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    esta escrito...igual si que es que hay un sonido entre frases...pero ¿no especificarian entonces de que sonido se trata?...
  7. borgonyon

    borgonyon Senior Member

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    Mexican Spanish
    Voy a consultar con alguien que sabe más que yo de esto [trabajé en producción de video por 10 años, pero no en guiones de películas]. Pero, leyendo, un guión, creo que se refiere a que la persona hace una pausa como en este ejemplo de Good Will Hunting:

    All right Morgan, fine. I'll tell you
    why we're not going to "Kelly's."
    It's because the take-out bitch is a
    fuckin' idiot. I'm sorry you like her
    but she's dumb as a post and she has
    never got our order right, never once.

    She's not stupid.

    She's sharp as a marble.

    We're not goin'.
    I don't even like "Kelly's."
  8. lorenzzo Member

    spanish spain
    gracias borgonyon!
  9. lorenzzo Member

    spanish spain
  10. lorenzzo Member

    spanish spain
    Borgonyon, ya que sabes del tema, te pregunto otra cosa si no te importa:Cuando ponen "cont'd" y "continuous" ¿qué significa?
    Generalmente aparece al lado de la persona que habla / o de la escena
    Por ejemplo,

    Te dije que dejaras
    el grifo cerrado, mira
    la que has armado!

    El suelo está todo lleno de agua. Tardarán días en recogerlo.

    JORGE - "CONT'D"
    Si ya sabía yo que no
    podía contar contigo...

    O por ejemplo

    bla bla bla bla bla
    bla bla bla bla bla


    ¿¿¿Se te ocurre???

  11. borgonyon

    borgonyon Senior Member

    Shreveport, Louisiana
    Mexican Spanish
    El primero "CONT'D" se refiere a que la misma persona continúa hablando mientras la pantalla presenta lo que aparece en el guión.

    El segundo "CONTINUOUS" se refiere a que lo que aparece en la pantalla se sucede de continuo. No hay diálogo en el guión.

    A continuous block of storytelling either set in a single location or following a particular character. The end of a scene is typically marked by a change in location, style, or time.
    Sometimes, instead of DAY or NIGHT at the end of a SLUGLINE/Location Description, you'll see CONTINUOUS. Basically, continuous refers to action that moves from one location to another without any interruptions in time. For example, in an action movie, the hero may run from the airport terminal into a parking garage. The sequence may include cuts, but the audience would perceive the action as a continuous sequence of events from the terminal to the lobby to the street to the garage to the second floor to a car etc. CONTINUOUS is generally optional in writing and cn be dropped altogether.

    El mismo caso de Good Will:

    This is correct? Who did this?

    Dead silence. Lambeau turns to an INDIAN STUDENT.

    LAMBEAU (cont'd)

    Nemesh shakes his head in awe.

    No way.

    Lambeau erases the proof and starts putting up a new one.

    Well, whoever You are, I'm sure you'll
    find this one challenging enough to
    merit coming forward with your identity.
    That is, if you can do it.


    The street is crowded as our boys drive down Broadway. They
    move slowly through heavy traffic, windows down. Chuckie sorts
    through a large "KELLY'S ROAST BEEF" BAG as he drives.
  12. lorenzzo Member

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    millones de gracias borgonyon, me quedó clarísimo!!!

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