Better to be the head of a chicken than the tail of a pheonix

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  1. AlexTheFrog

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    Hello, nin hao,

    Can someone writte in both Chinese characters ( simplified) and pinyin how to say
    " It Is Better to Be the Head of a Chicken than the Tail of a Phoenix "

    Thank, xie xie nimen

  2. tarlou Senior Member

    宁当(or 做)鸡头不做(or 当)凤尾

    宁 ning (tone 4)
    当 dang (tone 1)
    鸡 ji (tone 1)
    头 tou (tone 2)
    不 bu (tone 2, or tone 4 if followed by 当)
    做 zuo (tone 4)
    凤 feng (tone 4)
    尾 wei (tone 3)
  3. Youngfun

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    Bắc Kinh
    Wu Chinese & Italian
    You reminded of another phrase:
    or: 拔毛凤凰不如鸡
    A phoenix that lost its fur is worth less than a chicken.
  4. AlexTheFrog

    AlexTheFrog Member

    xie xie pengyoumen !

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