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Discussion in 'Medical Terminology' started by lauranazario, May 19, 2005.

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  1. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    ¡Hola! Bienvenidos al foro de Terminología Médica de, un área creada específicamente para los traductores profesionales y personas con necesidades particulares de terminología en el campo de la Medicina.

    Este foro se dedica únicamente a discutir terminología en español e inglés. Nos especializamos en equivalencias y traducción... lo cual significa que no nos dedicamos a la investigación. Por ello, si usted necesita información detallada sobre algún aspecto médico, diagnóstico o clínico, efectúe su propia búsqueda en Internet. La meta de este foro es proveer asistencia efectiva y profesional entre/para traductores y fomentar la colaboración a nivel mundial.

    Hi! Welcome to WordReference’s Medical Terminology forum, an area created specifically for professional translators and persons with highly specialized terminology needs in the field of Medicine.

    This forum is limited to Spanish><English terminology. We specialize in terminology equivalencies and translation... which means we do not do research. Therefore, if you need detailed information about any medical, diagnostic or clinical aspect, please conduct your own Internet search. This forum's goal is to provide effective, professional, peer-to-peer assistance and promote global collaboration between translators.
  2. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    The following is an explanation stemming from a question formerly posted on another thread...

    Hi everyone.
    Here are a couple of pointers to help you make better use of our forums Search function.

    1) Go to the top portion of the screen, where it reads
    User Control Panel... Rules/FAQ... Members List... Calendar... Search... New Posts... etc.

    2) Hit Search, which will then take you to the Search forums screen.

    3) Once there, on the top left field ("Search by Keyword") enter the word you are looking for. Immediately underneath you can select either "Search Entire Posts" or " Search Titles Only" (this means thread titles only)

    4) Go to the lower right corner ("Search in Forums") and choose which forums you want to search. The default setting is "search all open forums" at the top of the list.... but you can select any of the specific forums listed underneath. If you want to check only the Medical Terminology forum, then that's the one you should select.

    5) Hit the "Search Now" button. The result will be a list of all threads including the keyword you entered --appearing in both thread titles AND individual posts currently residing in the Medical Terminology forum.

    Hope that helps.

    LN - Mod.
  3. fsabroso

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    This picture will help you to use the "search engine forum".

    Esta imagen te muestra como usar la herramienta de búsqueda del foro.

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  4. fsabroso

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    Perú / Castellano
    EN el foro de Resources - Recursos se encuentran muchos enlaces a diferentes paginas de ayuda en diferentes áreas profesionales, diccionarios, glosarios, etc.

    Para medicina existen dos hilos con enlaces que te ayudarán.

    Medicina / Glosarios Médicos


    In Resources - Recursos Forum there are a los of link to different proffesional websites, like dictionaries and glossaries.

    For medicine there are these two threads which will help you.

    Medicina / Glosarios Médicos
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    If you have a strong interest in Spanish-English medical translations, please subscribe to this forum. You will then receive daily emails with a summary of the day's posts. This will help this forum have a good start.

    To subscribe to a forum, go back to the main forum listing, click "Forum Tools" and choose "Subscribe to this Forum".
    Or you can just click this link.

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