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  1. leah93 New Member

    Hello friends!

    I am having so many problems with the words blog post and how to translate them into Spanish. I'll give you the entire sentence so you can understand the context. "
    In a blog post this year, Peter Fleischer, Google’s global privacy counsel, discussed the subject under the headline, “Foggy thinking about the Right to Oblivion.” The blog post made clear that he was speaking for himself, not Google."

    Mis intentos, un post de blog. Entrada de blog. comentario en la pagina de comentarios.....ayyyy nose ayudenme porfavor jejeje.

  2. auxilio! Senior Member

    English - Australia
    Primero, recomiendo .

    Parece que la elección popular es entrada de blog. Para tener variedad, diga entrada blog o solo blog la segunda vez. ;)
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  3. Escribana

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    Otra alternativa: publicación en un blog.
  4. spienbest New Member

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    Entrada de blog. No le des más vueltas.

    In a blog post this year, -> En una entrada en su blog de este año, Peter Fleischer (...)

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