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    I'm doing a translation on CSI and I don't know how to translate the following:

    ...He revealed that he funded his first body farm in college as a master poker player...

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    I have no idea about a translation, as I don't anything about this, but perhaps Wiki can help you out a little? (I imagine this is what might be meant by "body farm" in the phrase you've put).

    Perhaps your thread would be more appropriate for the Specialised terminology section of the forum? Welcome, anyway :)
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    Thanks a lot. Wikipedia was really helpful.

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    Se ha traducido el libro de Cornwell como[SIZE=-1] "LA GRANJA DE CUERPOS"[/SIZE]
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    Hasta pronto.
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    A body farm is a location to study the decomposition of human bodies for forensic research purposes. There are a couple of these in the USA already, but Texas has a different enough climate to warrant one of its own.

    Yes, I believe GRANJA DE CUERPOS is the most accurate translation.

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