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    how would the term "bolt on" be translated into spanish

    Although it might appear that Lockheed Martin Corp. has tentacles reaching to every corner of government, company officials still see plenty of agencies and offices where they can extend the company’s reach. One way they intend to achieve this goal is through “bolt-on” acquisitions.


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    Nobody answered this thread and I have the same quetion now.

    In my case the context is this:

    A company looks for bolt-on acquisitions to raise its game. (This is the title of the report, I deleted the real name)
    The company is looking for acquisitions as part of a continued expansion of its engineering support services capability. (This is the subtitle).

    What does bolt-on mean?

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    Hola a Todos:
    Ahora también yo tengo la misma duda, aquí está mi contexto:
    "We aim to strengthen our Company's portfolio with strategic bolt-on acquisitions globally."
    Mi intento:
    "Luchamos por fortalecer la cartera de nuestra Compañía con adquisiciones integradas globalmente".
    Me parece que "bolt-on acquisitions" da idea de adquisiciones agregadas o integradas. ¿Podrían ser "mergers" ("fusiones")?

    Ojalá haya alguien pueda ayudar con esta duda que no ha tenido respuesta hasta ahora, de antemano mil gracias.
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    Hola de nuevo:
    Sólo por aventurar opciones: ¿Podrían ser "fusiones agregadas"? ¿O "adquisiciones fusionadas"?
    De antemano gracias.
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    Hi, it's obviously late for the people who originally asked the questions but I'll add it for future reference.

    I have frequently seen "adquisiciones complementarias" and that's what I commonly use. So unless someone comes to say something different, I think this works.

    Hope it helps in the future!

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