by, in, out of, for every 100

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  1. VicNicSor

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    percent, per cent
    for or out of every 100, shown by the symbol %

    per cent
    by, in or for every hundred

    These two definitions of 'per cent' from two dictionaries are unclear to me. Of course, I know what the 'percent' means. I don't understand these two definitions only.
    What does 'every 100' mean? What do the prepositions before it mean?

    Thank you.
  2. Myridon

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    You have 100 balls. 99 balls are blue and 1 is red. 1 out of 100 balls is red.
    You have 200 balls. 198 balls are blue and 2 are red. 2 balls out of 200 balls are red.
    Put those balls into two groups of 100 such that the colors are evenly distributed in each group. 1 ball out of the first 100 balls is red. 1 ball out of the second 100 balls is read. 1 ball out of every 100 balls is red. For every 100 balls, 1 ball is red. 1 in every 100 balls is red.
  3. VicNicSor

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    Oh, I see:)
    But I can't imagine "by every hundred":confused:
  4. Franco-filly Senior Member

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    If you have multiples of 100 items (for example Myridon's balls ;)) and 5% of them are blue. That means 5 percent / 5 in 100 / 5 out of each (set of/group of) 100 / 5 out of every (set of or group of) 100 balls are blue.
  5. VicNicSor

    VicNicSor Senior Member

    You've misunderstood me. I wanted to say that I didn't understand the preposition "by".:)
  6. JulianStuart

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    When something increases by 1% it increases by one for every hundred present. If there are 5 hundreds present, the increase is 5, one for every 100 present.
  7. VicNicSor

    VicNicSor Senior Member

    Thank you everyone.

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