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cólico hepático

Discussion in 'Medical Terminology' started by Inmaculada, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. Inmaculada Junior Member

    Spain Spanish
    podría decirme alguien como se dice en inglés: "Cólico hepático"? no encuentro la traducción del adjetivo hepático.

    muchas gracias
  2. Vicki Senior Member

    United States/English
    "Hepático" se refiere al hídago (liver). Por ejemplo, hay la enfermedad "hepatitis".

    Entonces, será "hepatic colic" o "liver colic".

    Espero que sea de ayuda.

  3. Inmaculada Junior Member

    Spain Spanish
    seguro que sí, gracias!!!! :D
  4. David Senior Member

    I don´t think we would use the word colic much these days, except maybe for babies with a bellyache. I think a more "medical approach" would be hepatic infection or obstruction, maybe more conversational "liver ailment," "liver problem," "liver blockage."
    Of course if we are talking about people discussing diseases they don´t really know much about, such as "vapors" and "aires," I suppose you might hear people say "liver colic," but that implies a spasm of the liver. Colic comes from the same Greek root as colon, and refers really to intestinal spasms...bellyache!
  5. Vicki Senior Member

    United States/English
    I thought the same at first, but found on Google a number of references to "hepatic colic" suggesting that indeed the term is used in a clinical sense.

  6. esance

    esance Senior Member

  7. Alek1979 New Member

    Argentina- Español
    <A href="">Aquí te envío la definición del Dorland´s Medical Dictionary de cólico hepático. Definitivamente es un término que se usa con sentido médico.

    colic (col·ic) (kol´ik) [Gr. kōlikos] 1. acute abdominal pain; characteristically, intermittent visceral pain with fluctuations corresponding to smooth muscle peristalsis. 2. colonic (def. 1).
    <A href=""><A href="">biliary colic: paroxysms of pain and other severe symptoms due to the passage of gallstones along the bile duct; called also gallstone colic or hepatic colic, and cholecystalgia.
    Espero te ayude! Suerte!​

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