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calling on ten million pounds

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by ridagold, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. ridagold New Member

    Argentine - Spanish
    I'm translating the subtitles of the 1978 movie "The Big Sleep" from english to spanish.
    At the begining the principal actor describes his arrival at a country house in England in this terms:

    It was about 11 o'clock in the morning.
    I was wearing my dark blue suit...
    ... with powder-blue shirt, tie
    and display handkerchief...
    ... black brogues, black wool socks
    with dark blue clocks on them.
    I was neat, clean-shaven and sober.
    I was everything the well-dressed
    private detective ought to be.
    I was calling on ten million pounds.

    My main concern is the last sentence: "I was calling on ten million pounds".
    According to Google Translate is "Yo estaba llamando a diez millones de libras." but makes no sense. Which can be a better translation, "Estaba llegando a una casa de diez millones de libras", "tenía un encargue de diez millones de libras" or something better?
    Thanks for your time
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  2. Quique Alfaro

    Quique Alfaro Senior Member

    Santa Fe, Argentina

    Sí, yo diría que iba a ver a alguien cuya fortuna se estimaba en esa cantidad.
  3. Adolfo Afogutu

    Adolfo Afogutu Senior Member

    No vi la remake, vi el original hace relativamente poco. Si conservaron esa parte del guión, es como dice Quique: el general era un hombre de gran fortuna, pero el caso que le encarga no es sobre dinero, es personal (familiar).
  4. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    Maybe "Iba/pasaba a saludar a diez millones de libras." Remember that it sounds odd in English, too!
  5. ridagold New Member

    Argentine - Spanish
    Gracias a todos, thank you gengo.
    "Iba/pasaba a saludar a diez millones de libras" suena a la ironía que Chandler usa habitualmente. Acabo de encontrar online una traducción del libro y dice "Iba a visitar cuatro millones de dólares", con lo que quedaría "Iba a visitar 10 millones de libras" ya que la acción sucede en Inglaterra.
    So, Gengo, your answer sounds quite right, thank you again.
  6. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    In the original, the money amount is used anthropomorphically, that is, as if it were a human. We call on a person, not on money. In fact, in this case the speaker is using the money as a representation of the person.

    Therefore, I would recommend using la A personal in your translation: Iba a visitar a 10 millones de libras.

    Just a thought.
  7. ridagold New Member

    Argentine - Spanish
    You're right, Gengo.
    Thanks a lot.

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