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    I think it [older sister in Cantonese] is 家姐, but could it be 加姐 or 嘉姐? And you can also say 姐姐,but I've never heard older brother be called 家哥, or 加哥 or 嘉哥, so why is it only applies to older sister?
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  2. SuperXW

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    Since the address of 家姐 is so common, I think people would deliberately avoid to nicknames someone 加姐 or 嘉姐.
    Why it only applies to older sister? Well, you will find a lot of Chinese kinship addresses NOT symmetrical... I have a Cantonese-speaking colleague who used to ask me why in Mandarin it's 叔叔(uncle) - 姨(untie), but not 叔叔 - 姨, nor 叔 - 阿姨, like in Cantonese. I can only say: it is not because it is not...
  3. Ghabi

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    There are also 家兄/家父/家母/家公/家婆. 家公/家婆 are still common words for "father/mother-in-law (of a woman)". 家父/家母 are still used in very polite context. But 家兄 sounds archaic.
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    I think older brother is called dai lou? How would you write it?
  5. strad Senior Member

    English (American)
    大佬 can mean older brother, but can also mean boss, or in some cases it is used somewhat sarcastically like the English word "dude".
  6. jordantall New Member

    Cantonese-Hong Kong
    it's quite hard to say why would it be no家 but哥哥/阿哥
    but for me, just like whatSuperXW said, many of them are not symmetrical.
    One possible reason for that is that back in the old days, cantonese was widely used by different people from different regions or cultural background. So the language could be diverse and thus there were no united kinship addresses

    by the way, 家,嘉,and 加,in my point of view, they are just different words with similar pronunciation
    if we are focusing on which word the Hongkongers/ catoneses would use most on the interent or blogs, 家should be the most appropriate one
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    Thank you lah.
  8. Youngfun

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    But in the recent HK drama 《叛逃》, 鍾日嘉(Jessica) is addressed as 嘉姐.

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