Capacity in which acting

Discussion in 'English Only' started by devadip56, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. devadip56 New Member

    Italy - Italian
    what does it means ?
  2. panjandrum

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    Hello devadip56 and welcome to WordReference.
    You need to give us some context.
    Is this part of a sentence? Could we have the complete sentence, and possibly one before it?
    A heading on a form? What kind of form, what is the purpose?
  3. bibliolept

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    Welcome to the forum, devadip56

    Perhaps you mean "acting in which capacity?"

    When a person holds several titles or performs several independent functions, they can be said "serve in various capacities."

    For example, a school director who is also a sports coach might treat or discipline his students differently, depending on whether he is acting in his capacity as the school director or as their coach.

    We can provide more useful answers and suggestions if you can give us context or a full sentence.
  4. panjandrum

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    My guess:
    This phrase appears on a form underneath the line labelled "Signature ..." or similar.
    Capacity in which acting ..............................
    That's where you write "President", "Parent", "CEO", "King", or some other descriptor that identifies what you are rather than who you are.
  5. devadip56 New Member

    Italy - Italian
    I confirm that the phrase is "Capacity in which acting" and is one of the questions required in a form for joining to a marketing network.

  6. panjandrum

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    In that case, see my suggestion at post #4.
    Presumably the form may be completed on behalf of a company or other organisation. It is completed by a person. The marketing network wishes to know the position of the person completing the form within his own organisation.
    So if the form is completed by the Marketing Director, that's the answer to the question.

    Capacity in which acting
    . . . . . . . . . Marketing Director
  7. amberflynn

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    I have this phrase at the bottom of a form for my bank. I signed and dated the form but am not quite sure what I should answer to "capacity in which acting". I suppose this is in case a third party fills out the form for me, but if I did it myself, what am I supposed to answer? "individual"? or do I just leave it blank?
    thanks for any help.
  8. pob14 Senior Member

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    I suspect it's not for someone who just fills the form out for you, but for someone acting on your behalf in some legal capacity: an attorney-in-fact, an executor of an estate, or some such thing. I think I would just put "self."
  9. amberflynn

    amberflynn Senior Member

    French, France
    Thanks a lot for the answer! I'll know for the future... I put 'individual', I hope it'll be ok.
  10. wandle

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    'Capacity in which acting' is in effect a shortened version of:
    'State the capacity in which you are acting'.

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