Capo di Stato Maggiore della Marina

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  1. Klarina Senior Member

    Trieste, Italy
    Can anybody help me with this in english?
    My attempt:
    Admiral of the Fleet.
    Thank you in advance,
  2. Necsus

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    Formello (Rome)
    Italian (Italy)
    Che io sappia, 'capo di stato maggiore' è 'chief of staff', quindi forse 'Navy chief of staff'? Ma aspetta gli esperti...
  3. Nunty

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    Hebrew-US English (bilingual)
    Reviving an old thread to verify that capo di stato maggiore della difensa italiano would be "chief of staff of the Italian Defense".

    Is that correct?
  4. elfa

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    Bath, England
  5. Nunty

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    Hebrew-US English (bilingual)
    Thank you very much, elfa.
  6. PublicJohnDoe Senior Member

  7. Nunty

    Nunty Modified

    Hebrew-US English (bilingual)
    And thanks to you, as well, PJD.
  8. WordsWordWords Senior Member

    Piemonte, Italy
    Am English

    I am not sure if this merits a threaed of its own, but.....

    I am hoping to get some clarity about the term "Stato Maggiore dell’Aeronautica" -- the name of the military entity and not a the title of position working there. Unfortunately the site mentioned almost 2 years ago by PublicJohnDoe (#6) has been disactivated...

    Would it just be "Italian Air Force"?

    The original sentence is:
    "La Divisione trasporti ha il compito di richiedere il velivolo concordato allo Stato Maggiore dell’Aeronautica e di coordinare gli orari di partenza e di arrivo..."

    My attmept:
    The Transport Division is responsible for requesting the necessary aircraft from the Italian Air Force and scheduling the departure and arrival so as to minimize the amount of time the patient is in transit.

    Thanks everyone!
  9. Spiritoso78

    Spiritoso78 Senior Member

    Tolmezzo, Friuli (I)
    Italiano e friulano

    credo che wiki ti possa aiutare.
  10. WordsWordWords Senior Member

    Piemonte, Italy
    Am English
    Hi Spiritoso,

    Thank you, but I'm afraid that didn't work so well. In part because I don't see on that link anything which interfaces or refers to the term I need to translate (Stato Maggiore dell’Aeronautica). What's more, I am unsure of whether the original Italian term I am translating refers to a person or an entity. Previously in this thread there was the inclusion of "capo" or "chief" (quindi una persona o ufficiale?). But I have only the remaining part which makes me think it's the entity being served by said chief.

    Or no?
  11. King Crimson

    King Crimson Modus in fabula

    Milano, Italia
    I agree with you WWW, the original sentence refers to the entity (a department within the Air Force) and not the position heading that entity. Unfortunately, looking up the link provided by Spiritoso, it seems that there is no single organizational framework for the Air Force in different countries (including English-speaking countries), therefore this "entity" could be called in different ways depending on the target country.
    As an example, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (the US counterpart of the "Capo di Stato Maggiore dell’Aeronautica") heads the Air Staff, so if your translation is aimed at a US audience, you might want to consider this option, but Air Staff could be misunderstood (or not understood at all) even in the UK.;)
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  12. WordsWordWords Senior Member

    Piemonte, Italy
    Am English
    Thanks King C! Interesting link you provided, too -- I had no idea the US Air Force had this type of organizational subdivision. But as you said, Air Staff may just be a bit confusing however the article is for a pretty specific audience and I think whoever reads it will know things many of us don't ever get into.... :p (In the hopes of being "exposed" to some English jargon regarding the topic of the article (Afghanistan rescue missions), I have viewed some rather heavy military rescue footage. Interesting, but you need to take a few deep breaths to get through it.)

    Do you think "an Air Force subdivision" could be used?

  13. King Crimson

    King Crimson Modus in fabula

    Milano, Italia
    Mmhh... I'm no expert here, but I'm afraid that "Air Force subdivision" would sound a bit too generic if you want to refer specifically to the department headed by the Chief of Staff (of the Air Force). For want of anything better, I would rather resort to a literal translation, such as "Department of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force", if only because its meaning should be clear everywhere.:)
  14. WordsWordWords Senior Member

    Piemonte, Italy
    Am English
    Triumph!!!!! (I think...)

    I googled "Office of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force" and out popped more than 1 million results.

    Think I may go with that....

    Hey (3 hours later) the author called me about something and I ran it past him: x our context "Italian Air Force" is sufficient. Much ado about nothing....:eek: thanks for your help!
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  15. gius67 New Member

    Navy Chief of Staff; Admiral is inferior

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