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  1. Cachi_pelona

    Cachi_pelona Junior Member

    Cómo se dice en inglés casa rodante?
  2. kpc Senior Member

    Se dice "motorhome" o "RV" (una abreviación de recreational vehicle.)
  3. Cachi_pelona

    Cachi_pelona Junior Member

    Ok, duda aclarada, gracias
  4. pricarte Senior Member

    Gijón Asturias
    Yo creo que con "casa rodante" se refieren a la autocaravana pero yo quiero saber el significado de la caravana o casa rodante cuando es arrastrado por un coche
  5. Cachi_pelona

    Cachi_pelona Junior Member

    Por lo que tengo entendido se dice de la misma manera, por que al visitar sitios web referido al alquiler de motorhomes figuraban también los que se usan tirados por un coche con el mismo nombre.
  6. loladamore Senior Member

    Zacatecas, México
    English UK
    You could also say caravan.

  7. mora Senior Member

    Canada, English

    cas rodante = trailer

  8. hotmama

    hotmama Senior Member

    Oxford, UK
    English, USA
    in the US:
    trailer = you pull it behind your vehicle
    camper = you can either pull it behind or sometimes it is L-shaped and fits on top of a pick-up truck
    motorhome or RV (recreational vehicle) = a self-contained unit you can drive and live in
    mobile home = not a vehicle at all, but a small cheap house you can move (with a large transport vehicle) from one location to another

    in the UK:
    caravan = I believe I've heard this term here to refer to any of the above!

    Hope this helps clarify.
  9. elirlandes

    elirlandes Senior Member

    Dublin & Málaga
    Ireland English

    Caravan in the UK/Ireland for "trailer / camper", although you hear motorhome used as in the US. A mobile home is as described above.
  10. loladamore Senior Member

    Zacatecas, México
    English UK
    I've just noticed that the link I posted last year now leads to quite different images. So, for posterity, here's another.


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