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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by anglomania1, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. anglomania1

    anglomania1 Senior Member

    Piacenza, Italy
    UK English
    and no, this isn't a typo/spelling mistake and, no, I don't mean "cassaforte"!!:p
    The context is a census of castles and fortifications in a particular area and the sentence is:

    I castelli veri e propri, secondo tale censimento, sono 38; il rimanente numero di luoghi fortificati è costituito da torri e caseforti

    I can't find this term in the dictionary, but I must say that "stronghold" leaps to mind, although I thought that was roccaforte in Italian??

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    Thanks:), Anglo
  2. oh bice Senior Member

    Trezzo sull'Adda
    Ciao Anglo. Ho guardato un po' qui e un po' lì e mi sembra che casaforte abbia il significato di edificio fortificato. In pratica una casa, ma con mura simili a quelle di un castello, molto spesse. Roccaforte, invece, ha di solito il significato di complesso di edifici fortificato, se non addirittura di cittadina fortificata (o cittadella). Inoltre ha frequentemente un significato figurato. Puoi vedere il significato di roccaforte qui http://www.treccani.it/vocabolario/roccaforte/.
  3. Ragio

    Ragio Senior Member

  4. Nerino Senior Member

    Salento, Italy
  5. london calling Senior Member

    Fortified House would appear to be the correct translation (I live in one, built by a noble Norman in 1100.:)).;) Here they make a distinction between a Fortified Town House and a Fortified Manor House (just out of interest).:)
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  6. anglomania1

    anglomania1 Senior Member

    Piacenza, Italy
    UK English
    Hi everyone, that's great:)!! I'd never have got fortified house - I'm more used to fortified wine!!:D I bet you're house is fantastic, Jo - I love old houses!! Anglo

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