cayados y segmentados

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    por favor alguien me ayude con segmentados y cayados en ingles para una traducción de examen de sangre.gracias
  2. Bill Osler

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    If this is a report of the differential of the white cells in the hemogram, "segmentados" refers to "segmented neutrophils" (often just "segs" informally) and "cayados" refers to "immature neutrophils" ("stab cells" or "bands" can also be used; the selection depends on context and how formal you wish to be)
  3. Ilialluna

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    Hola. "Segmented neutrophils" y "band cells" o "band neutrophils" o "stab cells".
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    segmented cell a mature granulocyte in which the nucleus is divided into definite lobes joined by a filamentous connection.
  5. maguigirl New Member

    Thanks a lot!!
  6. Oceanest Senior Member

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    pre-segmented white cells / casual concept: 'left shift' or 'left deviation'


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