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    I'm interested in the meaning (and etymology) of the surname Ceaușescu; what intrigues me is that, here in Turkey, they usually spell the name “Çavuşescu”; now, “çavuş” means “sergeant” in Turkish, so is there an old Romanian word “ceauş” (for example) with the same meaning, perhaps?

    Also, what about the suffix –escu (if indeed it is a suffix)?

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    Yes, you got it right: the word “ceauş” exists in Romanian, it comes from the Turkish word you mentioned (“çavuş”), but it doesn´t mean exactly sergeant. It was used to define various low-ranked Turkish officials. More details in the dictionary: http://dexonline.ro/definitie/ceauș

    As for -escu, it is the most common patronymic suffix in Romanian, like -son in English and Nordic languages. I´m not sure what -escu means, but I believe it means "related to" or something like that.

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    Thank you so much - I wonder if -escu (...)

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