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Cebuano: ay dghan ky gbilin nga cd...mka heart attack

Discussion in 'Tagalog and Filipino Languages' started by rioshin, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. rioshin New Member

    Central Finland
    Finnish and Swedish
    Hi all,

    I would like help in getting a translation (and preferably the "correct" form of writing, not this shortened one) of the following phrase, which is in Cebuano:

    <name> ay dghan ky gbilin nga cd...mka heart attack

    I think the first part is something like:

    <name> left a many cds...

    but can't be sure - and what's that about heart attack, how does it fit in?

    Thank you for any assistance - as I do feel a serious need to learn the language of my wife, her family and friends. :)
  2. Goddess Mystyxx Junior Member

    Latin City of the South
    English / Chavacano / Spanish
    Hi Rioshin,

    Here is my attempt:

    <name> ay dghan ky gbilin nga cd...mka heart attack
    <name> ay! Daghan kay Gabilin nga CD.. Maka heart attack!

    name, Oh, you have left so many CDs, It's/you're giving me a heart-attack...

    I am not so sure if maka heart-attack refers to the Cds that was left, the sentence is a bit vague. It sounds as if they're so overwhelmed with the many CDs.

    Regards. Mys

  3. mataripis Senior Member

    if gbilin is "bilin" in Tagalog, then the phrase means " (name) daming pabilin na CD, parang aatakihin ako sa puso!

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