cedente e cessionario

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  1. un po' di sana terminologia giuridica!!!

    come si traducono cedente e cessionario in that wonderful language named English?
    I'm going crazy...
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    In what context?
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    Da ProZ - Puoi google con Proz cedente e Proz cessionario - anche c'è un glossario

    Cedente = trustor

    cessionario = assignee

    Sana???? :)
  4. the context is the transfer of goods and services

    cedente is the one who sells the goods/serv
    cessionario is the one who purchases/receives the goods/services

    ahahha yes, maybe sana isn't proper for juridical terms
  5. Canna823 Senior Member

    seller and buyer?
  6. trustor, seller and buyer are too strictly bind to a specific kind of contract.
    isn't there a more general term to identify the subject who cedes a right and the one who receives this right giving to the first subject a consideration?
    Your options are all correct, but too specific...
    I'm sorry I didn't explain very well
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    I ran out of words, take your pick hehe!
  8. thanks a lot!!!!

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    You're welcome.
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    How about grantor and grantee??
  11. thanks a lot sailorgirl!

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