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Chavacano: un penca de saging

Discussion in 'Tagalog and Filipino Languages' started by cevichemd, May 23, 2011.

  1. cevichemd New Member

    Hello Forum,

    This question is not in relation to the topic, but I was wondering if you could help me figure this out: the expression "un penca de saging" comes from Chavacano. I understand "saging" is banana, but I'm not sure what "penca" is. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  2. 082486

    082486 Senior Member

    Filipino (Kinaray-a, Ilonggo, Tagalog)
    I really want to help you...
    But it's all I got...I don't speak Chavacano...Sorry... :(

    I got "un" from webster.com and "penca" here in WordReference.

    2un , una article mpl unos
    Translation of UN
    1 : a, an
    2 unos or unas plural : some, a few <hace unas semanas : a few weeks ago>
    3 unos or unas plural : about, approximately <unos veinte años antes : about twenty years before>
    penca 1 adjetivo invariable
    (Chi fam) ‹cosa› crappy (sl);
    ‹situación› lousy (colloq);
    ‹persona› ugly

    penca 2 sustantivo femenino
    (de hoja) main rib
    (del nopal) stalk
    (Méx) (de bananas) bunch

    For me it seems "un penca de saging" means a bunch of bananas (not sure though)
    For those who know, please correct me if I'm wrong :) :) :)
  3. Scherle

    Scherle Senior Member

    la ciudad de Angeles, Filipinas
    Filipino, and English
    un = one
    penca = bunch
    de = of [I suppose :) ]
    saging = banana
  4. 082486

    082486 Senior Member

    Filipino (Kinaray-a, Ilonggo, Tagalog)
    I have a friend who speaks Chavacano...
    She's from Zamboanga...

    She said un penca de saging means "isang piling ng saging" in Tagalog... :) :) :)
  5. Me !! I speak chavacano actually I'm from Zamboanga City

    leigh1802 you're right, well explained :D

    you can ask me for translation if you want to just message me :D
  6. Scherle

    Scherle Senior Member

    la ciudad de Angeles, Filipinas
    Filipino, and English
    Thank you. Is my translation with "de" correct though? I am not really sure. I understand a little Spanish but I believe it is far more different from Chavacano. :)
  7. Yeahp different very different , but the term or word "un penca de saging" is a chavacano word not spanish

    Chavacano is a brocken spanish actually, chavacano is really different from spanish although some of the words really the same as spanish but it's not the same.

    The history is the spanish came here in zamboanga city, actually they built PORT PILLAR here and PORT PILLAR is the land mark of zamboanga city, I'm sorrry for my poor english.
  8. Acer_Cyle New Member

    Ciudad de Zamboanga
    Philippines/Zamboangueño(Chavacano de Zamboanga)
    There are six dialects in Chavacano Language and as follows: Caviteñ, Ternateño, Ermiteño (Extinct), Cotabateño, Zamboangueño and Castellano Abakay.

    What am I? Well, I'm a native Zamboangueño speaker.

    The correct sentence with its corect spelling would be as follows:

    Un peñca de saguiñ. = A bundle/bunch of banana.

    Lastly, Chavacano is not a broken Spanish because it was never Spanish. But rather than, Chavacano language is a full-fledge creole language having its own indentity and distinct from any other romance languages.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2012
  9. 082486

    082486 Senior Member

    Filipino (Kinaray-a, Ilonggo, Tagalog)

    wow, I'm amazed... :) :) :)
  10. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    i read the comments below and i agree that "penca" could be "piling" in Tagalog. if traslated in straight tagalog = isang piling ng saging!
  11. Goddess Mystyxx Junior Member

    Latin City of the South
    English / Chavacano / Spanish
  12. Acer_Cyle New Member

    Ciudad de Zamboanga
    Philippines/Zamboangueño(Chavacano de Zamboanga)
  13. Corrientedelrio New Member

    It should be un penca de saguing. A penca consist of more than a handful individual bananas which is cut off from a racimo [more colloquially pronounced nowadays as recimo]. A racimo consists, at the very minimum, of about five pencas. This would be a small variety, the very best the world can offer, called saguing mundo. This mundo outbids saguing sâbá. Though paling in comparison to both mundo and sâbá, the biggest frying- variety Gardava is the most common of them all.

    Conviene se escribí como un penca de saguing. El penca tiene como saís o más saguing y el racimo como cinco penca a lo menos. Esté el diutay variedad como el saguing mundo - el de con todo sabroso del mundo. Más sabroso pá esté con el sâbá. Siendo el variedad más grande de todo el maga saguing ta puede frí, el gardava amó el más común.

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