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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to translate "Circular resolution of the Board of Directors" into Spanish, would it be "acta del consejo de administración"??

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  2. Grekh

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    Can anybody help me with "circular resolution"?

    The meetings cannot be held by circular resolution or by telephone...

    Las reuniones/juntas no pueden realizarse .............. o por teléfono...
  3. Grekh

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    Cognin, France
    Spanish, Mexico
    ¿Circular resolution = resolución escrita?
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  4. lmontoya New Member

    Just because it might help someone else in the future...

    We translate circular resolution as "referendum". Although its not the exact translation, in Colombia "referendum" has been used to name the mechanism by which an authorization to the Board or shareholder assembly is requested, by which a letter is sent out to all board members and they reply with their vote.
  5. Cholmondely

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    Yo lo traduciría como Resolución Circular del Consejo...
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    WOW, thanks for this. I didn't know it and I have been living in Colombia my whole life.
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