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    What does "click-jerk mean" in this sentence: this advice flies in the face of the Facebook click-jerk response mechanism
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    That sounds like a mistake or bad English.
    There's a common expression "knee-jerk response" which means a response or reaction that is immediate, sudden, and without prior thought or planning; often said of foolish reactions that are done on the spot and regretted later.
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    I wouldn't necessarily call it bad English. I think it is meant as a play on words between knee-jerk response and click (referring to clicking on something online). The pun may or may not work in the context (it could even be funny if the text is well written).

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    Hello, I would like to point out that "click-jerk" is neither a mistake nor bad English, it is, by matter of fact, a kenning.

    It would mean that Facebook rejects to look at said advice.
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