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cloudy and overcast; the total amount of clouds in the sky

Discussion in 'Specialized Terminology' started by vanessamier, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. vanessamier New Member

    in editing the science book, i found it is difficult to identify these two words: cloudy and overcast. what's the difference between these two words in terms of the total amount of clouds in the sky? Thanks!
  2. Keahi Senior Member

    castellano, Perú
    I suppose this is similar to Spanish, there are subtle difference in some terms.
    Cloudy, there are many clouds but don't cover the whole sky.
    Overcast, there are so many clouds that have covered totally the sky.
    You can wait for confirmation of English speakers.
    I hope I've written well.
    A hug.
  3. Jeannafazz New Member

    Yes, Keahi, that seems like a good way to delineate between how we perceive cloudy weather, as opposed to overcast weather. What are the Spanish worlds for "cloudy" and "overcast"?
  4. Jeannafazz New Member

    "Words," not "worlds." Typo.
  5. Keahi Senior Member

    castellano, Perú
    Hello Jeanna.
    In spanish "cloudy" is "Nublado"
    Overcast, (cielo) "cubierto" or "encapotado".
    A hug.

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