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    Estoy escribiendo una invitación. El cliente quiere que incluya la vestimenta para el evento "Attire: cocktail dress" En el diccionario de WR define cocktail dress como traje de fiesta. Pero "vestimenta: traje de fiesta" me suena rarísimo. ¿Alguien me puede ayudar?

  2. kayokid

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    Hello. How about: traje de etiqueta ??? Does that work?
  3. Guidalthy Rousseaux Senior Member

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    Esto es lo que yo creo, espero que te ayude. Attire-atuendo. Cocktail dress-de gala.
    Rousseaux :)
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    De gala es con esmoquin para los hombres y vestido largo para las mujeres, "cocktail dress" es algo un poco más sencillo.

    Function: adjective Date: 1852 1 : of, relating to, or set aside for cocktails <a cocktail hour> 2 : designed for semiformal wear <a cocktail dress>

  5. carlingüismos Senior Member

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    Creo que deberías pedirle al cliente que te explique exactamente lo que el espera. Quiero decir; los formalismos de vestimenta han ido cambiando mucho a lo largo de los años y, en términos generales, los "códigos" se han ido relajando notablemente. Además, hay diferencias entre sexos.

    Se puede decir, entre otras alternativas;

    de largo - mujeres
    "esmoquin" (otro anglicismo) - hombres

    Hope it helps
  6. Guidalthy Rousseaux Senior Member

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    Muy cierto, gracias por corregirme :)
  7. ElGato

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    No, porque traje de etiqueta es formal y esto no es formal. Etiqueta es tuxedo y esto es un cóctel y cena.

  8. ApoloApolo New Member

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    En Argentina por lo menos creo qeu se dice cóctel cuando uno se refiere al tipo de vestimenta. Tal vez deberias simplemente traducir cocktail por cóctel, o no traducirlo directamente
  9. ElGato

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    Puerto Rico/Cuba, Spanish
    Aunque tarde, suena como una buena sugerencia para el futuro.

    Gracias por tu aporte.


  10. Miguel Antonio Senior Member

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    Pues me encuentro en la tesitura inversa, o sea, me piden traducir "vestido corto", con lo cual me quedo con cocktail dress, aunque me suene raro lo de "corto" :confused:


  11. mv118 New Member

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    This is to the Poster of the question (even though it's so many months later) and to anybody else stuck with this dilemma...
    I am having English and Spanish invitations, and I have done the translation myself, both invitations are worded identical :cool:

    I am indicating to my guests that this is a "Fine Cocktail Attire" event in my English invitaions
    In my Spanish invitations I am wording it "Fina Vestimenta de Cóctel"

    :idea: Give them a clue.
    Some of my guests are older people that really are not up to date with all the new party trends, so I am including along with my invitation enclosures a separate piece, printed on nice linen paper with the description/explanation of what items to wear to a "Cocktail Attire" event for both males and females. I am including the descripions in both my English and Spanish invitations. I found this great piece of advise in doing my research regarding choosing your wedding attire wording and terms. (you may use resume paper white/ivory, your personal choice, I am using ivory/ecru like the invitations)

    It is more work, b'cuz I am doing the translation from English to Spanish, but I don't mind it. It will also save me the time from getting calls from my guests asking "What on earth does 'Fine Cocktail Attire' or 'Fina Vestimenta de Cóctel' actually means?!?!?!?!?" :confused:

    Including the descripion, saves them time and face b'cuz they won't be embarrassed to ask due to fear to look or sound ignorant/dumb. Also, by including this as an insert/enclosure you come across as a thoughtful host, who cares enough to invest the time and effort for their comfort, and thinks of every detail and covers all the angles ;)
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  12. Canela Mad

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    Fina Vestimenta de Cóctel sounds really strange in Spanish. I suppose you are refering to something like Traje o Vestido de Cóctel.
  13. mv118 New Member

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    Hello there Canela!

    I couldn't agree with you more! I mean I initially had it as "vestido de coctel" But! that TO ME sounds like "Cocktail Dress" as in the wikipedia Cocktail_dress description... and I wouldn't use the word/term "traje" b'cuz, that sounds strange to me...Suit and/or Costume ? =/

    *Attire, in Spanish terms there are a few... Atuendo, Vestimenta, Atavio...Traje is one also, that to me sounds like "Costume" ... I just looked up Suit and Costume in spanishdict .com and it gave me Traje for both, I agree with that translation on both...
    *Attire, sounds like a more upscale term than Suit/Costume=Traje/Vestido... Vestimenta or even Atuendo is a notch higher than Traje b'cuz they are not your ordinary everyday words, Traje is (more commonly used)... and this is not an ordinary event, hence the upscale terms will appropriately convey that message. In dictionary .com in the Translator Tab (English to Spanish) for Attire its given me Vestimenta.

    Granted I am getting very technical... Vestimenta = Attire, Dress = Vestido....

    Traje de Coctel (sounds masculine, will sound strange to the ladies, since traje is a suit)
    Vestido de Coctel (sounds femine, will sound strange the the gentlemen, since vestido is a dress)
    Vestimenta/Atuendo (sounds unbias, non-gender)

    this is exactly as I have it:

    El Código de Vestir para este Evento será
    de fina vestimenta de cóctel

    The Dress Code for this Event shall
    be of fine cocktail attire

    by this, you are indicating that just b'cuz it doesn't indicate "formal" on the invitation instead they get to wear a medium length dress for ladies, and a more relaxed look than wearing a tuxedo for men, DOES NOT mean you should just throw "anything" on But still keep in mind fine/elegant/tailored look/clothing when choosing the outfit...


    Enclosure with my inviation:

    Q. What can I wear when the invitation calls for Cocktail Attire?
    A. When invited to an event that is in the evening, on or after 6pm, requires a dressy elegant/formal attire. if an invitation states “Cocktail Attire” (designed for semiformal events) guests should dress to look chic and elegant, but not quite formal (no tuxedos or long formal dresses.) For women, a classy attire; cocktail dresses (medium length evening dress) or dressy evening separates, high heels, and evening bags are appropriate. Men should wear a refined attire, a dark suit, completing the look with a tie would be your option. (etc. etc. etc.)

    Spanish Version

    P. ¿Qué puedo usar cuando la invitación pide Vestimenta/Vestido de Cóctel?
    R. Cuando se es invitado a un evento que es por la noche, a las 6pm o después, requiere una vestimenta de vestir elegante/formal. Si una invitación indica "Vestimenta de Cóctel" (diseñado para eventos semiformal) los invitados deben vestir para lucir chic y elegante, pero no tan formal (no esmoquines o vestidos largos de noche.) Para las mujeres, una vestimenta elegante; vestidos de cóctel (vestido de noche de medio largo) o conjuntos separados de vestir, zapatos de tacón y bolsos de noche son apropiados. Los hombres deben usar un vestimento refinado, traje oscuro, y completar el conjunto con una corbata sería una/su opción. (etc. etc. etc.)
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