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commissario esterno di lingua inglese per gli esami di maturità

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by biscia, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. biscia Senior Member

    Salve a tutti!

    Sto aggiornando il mio CV e devo inserire l'esperienza lavorativa come commissario esterno di lingua inglese per gli esami di maturità di un liceo classico.
    Non ho trovato molto on-line e dunque ho deciso di tradurre letteralmente scegliendo la formula: "English Commissioner during Final High-School Exams".

    Qualcuno sa dirmi se è esatto? Oppure c'è una soluzione più adatta?
    Grazie mille,

  2. Lazzini

    Lazzini Senior Member

    I would have thought something like "External Commissioner (Examiner?) for High School Final Exams in English".
  3. biscia Senior Member

    Mi chiedo anche se "External" sia necessario metterlo, perché magari è fuorviante. Io non so se esista una figura del genere anche per le scuole in Inghilterra o America.
  4. alicip

    alicip Senior Member

    Italiano ITA-Romeno ROU-Inglese AmE
    Io direi:
    "External English language examiner"
  5. joanvillafane Senior Member

    U.S., New Jersey
    U.S. English
    Sorry if this is obvious to Italians, but the meaning is not clear to me. What does a commissario per gli esami di maturità do? Do you read and evaluate/score individual students' exams? Or are you part of a committee that develops the exam??

    No matter what the answer is, the word "Commissioner" does not seem correct to me, at least for a U.S. context. We don't have anything comparable.
  6. biscia Senior Member

    My task is to assist the students during the final exam. Besides, I'm in charge to prepare their written test of English and to do the oral exams about English Literature. It's a job of only one month, the last month of school during the exam period. I'm "external"because I'm not one of their professor, they've never seen me before and actually i'm not a teacher :)
    I'm part of a committee that is both internal and external. The internal part is composed by their teachers and the other part is composed by people like me (obviously graduated) that are called "commissari esterni", according to the italian law.

    Ehm... Is that a little bit more clear? :D
  7. joanvillafane Senior Member

    U.S., New Jersey
    U.S. English
    Thanks, biscia - I'm learning a lot here. Based on your description, I'd say alicip's suggestion (in post #4) is perfect. For the purposes of this thread, and the benefit of other English speakers, can you explain what you mean by "I'm in charge to prepare their written test..." What does prepare mean? Do you help write the exam? Do you help them study? and "do the oral exams" - Do you administer the oral exam? (ask the questions and evaluate their answers)??

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