1. lightseeker New Member

    US, English
    I'm a Community Advocate and provide Advocacy to women leaving domestic violence. We do community education and community outreach. I'm trying to translate the word outreach and can't find a satisfactory translation. Can anyone help?
  2. garryknight Senior Member

    Kent, UK
    UK, English
    Welcome to the Forums.

    There have been at least 2 threads on this subject in the past. You can find them by entering 'outreach' into the Search box.
  3. lightseeker New Member

    US, English
    Thank you Garry I sure will!
  4. wordBot Junior Member

    US English
    community outreach


    A dictionary user looked for this, and we don’t yet have a definition for it in our dictionaries. Please provide as many translations as possible for the benefit of future dictionary users.

    Un usuario de nuestros diccionarios buscó esta palabra y de momento no teníamos una definición para ella en nuestros diccionarios. Por favor brinde cuantas traducciones usted conozca para esta palabra y ello beneficiará a los futuros usuarios de nuestros diccionarios.

    Mike Kellogg
  5. Chaska Ñawi

    Chaska Ñawi modus borealis

    an old Ontario farmhouse
    Canadian English
    A community outreach worker is un extencionista. Would that make community outreach extencion?
  6. porchini Senior Member

    Mexico, Spanish
    I recently translated this as vinculación con la comunidad.
  7. QUIJOTE Senior Member

    My suggestion..."llamado a la comunidad"
  8. burt81356 Senior Member

    México - USA
    "Acercamiento a la comunidad"
  9. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    UK English
    Ninguna de las opciones propuestas me convence. Esto viene de El Pais de hoy sobre una ONG en Colombia que trabaja con los desplazados por la violencia.

    El equipo formado por dos psicólogas, un psiquiatra y tres técnicos de promoción comunitaria. Entre otras cosas, porque este tipo de tratamientos se estigmatizan. A Beatriz, otra de las pacientes, las amigas le preguntaron: ¿Estas loca?, cuando la vieron entrar a la carpa que, dos veces por semana, instala la ONG en los barrios más vulnerables de la ciudad para dar información y atender pacientes.
  10. traductoraalataque Junior Member

    I'm going to do a simultaneous interpreting exam with the topic: "Domestic Violence in India" and I'm looking for the meaning of this word in the context:
    Deals with many women's issues from domestic labour issues. activities range form couselling, service provision, education and outreach, mobilizing and organizing, activism.
    I think the best translation is ayuda comunitaria. Do you think the same?
  11. Ignatius Junior Member

    acercamiento a la comunidad, alcance comunitario, contacto comunitario podrían ser otras. Saludos
  12. jmoran Junior Member

    United States, English
    On another online dictionary I found "servicio especial de asistencia pública. espero que eso ayude.
  13. Hilda Beltran New Member

    Delano, California, USA
    El Salvador, Español
    Aqui esta mi sugerencia para el termino en Ingles "Community Outreach"
    Esta es una expresion compuesta de tres palabras en Ingles:
    Community= Comunidad
    Out= Fuera ó Afuera
    Reach= Alcance ó Alcanzar
    La palabra Outreach en si se traduce literalmente a "Alcance ó Alcanzar, a los que estan fuera" asi que lo mas cercano a "Community Outreach" es "Alcance Comunitario"
  14. gladiola74 New Member

    Outreach would better be translated as: identificación.

    Community outreach = Identificación comunitaria (it's used specially when trying to target some specific groups)
  15. La Moto New Member

    Community Outreach en la mayoría de los casos significa actividades o eventos orientados a informar, educar, asistir o ayudar a un grupo de la sociedad, como, por ejemplo, a los adultos mayores. En ese sentido, ¿qué les parece la traducción "Programas sociales"?
  16. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    UK English
    I think the problem with this is that there may well not be that many outreach jobs happening in Spanish speaking countries. I have been working in community development for over fifteen years so I can help clarify what it means, at least from a UK perspective.

    Outreach is about involving people who don't normally access services or have access to information. It is about going to where they are, rather than expecting them to come to you. For example imagine you are living in poor housing and don't know about the law on what landlords should provide as a minimum - making sure the roof is repaired, that the heating works. An outreach worker would go out to areas with poor housing and talk to as many people as possible. They might organise events in community centres, set up publicity campaigns, hold fun days designed to pull in people and give them information or get their views. In the health services there are posts for people who do assertive outreach. This means offering a service to people with multiple problems - for example problematic drug use and mental health issues and persisting to make sure that people access services. This contrasts with the approach of services who decide to end their involvement because someone doesn't respond to a letter.
  17. Beauzany New Member

    ayuda de alcance comunitario
    ayuda en la comunidad
    Personally, I still don't know what to use and I've read all of the notes below. If anyone knows of anything new can you please post it?

    Thank you.
  18. Vw.Daragon Junior Member

    Holland Michigan
    Spanish - Costa Rica
    A very smart reply by cirrus, I think. And also by whoever dissected the word. Not only is there no real work of this nature done in Latin America (Or Spain that I know of) but also we have the additional problem of it being one of "those" composite words in english that just dont translate very well, at least not into latin based languages. Taking to word´s structure, and Cirrus´s argument, here goes: out: afuera, externo, exterior... reach: alcance, contacto...

    Alcance externo? Except it sounds pretty ugly huh. I think personally I´ll stick to Alcance, but I´m using it on a teachers guide for Kindergarden.

    Good luck, its always interesting to read these kind of threads.
  19. Beauzany New Member

    Thank you for this info.

    I think 'alcance externo' or 'alcance a la comunidad' sounds good.
  20. La Moto New Member

    I agree. I translate into Spanish and my target is always the U.S. Hispanic market. So, although "Community Outreach" is not something performed or provided in other Spanish-speaking countries, it is here in the U.S. and Hispanics have been assimilated into understanding what it is, more or less. The problem is that it encompasses so much. Perhaps it requires several translations, depending on the context in which it is being used. Meantime, in my world, I'm using "programas sociales", but only because that's how it makes sense in our market and not because it is set in stone or even entirely correct in any other senses. This is why I love translation...it's such a challenge.
  21. rubies_gold Junior Member

    Miami, FL
    We have a ministry in Miami with the name "Outreach", and we use the term "proyeccion comunitaria"-may this help! :thumbsup:
  22. cipotarebelde Senior Member

    El Salvador
    USA English
    We also use "proyección social" and "proyección comunitaria".
  23. Arturo Villaseñor

    Arturo Villaseñor New Member

    Por acá he tenido el mismo problema con esta palabra, dado que es un término de significado un poco amplio. En lo personal yo la he traducido como "enlace" porque esa ha sido la función que el término implica en los casos en que la he traducido, pero claro está el término acepta otras interpretaciones de acuerdo al contexto. Espero que sirva y enriquezca un poco el diccionario.
  24. Ghelliano New Member

    New Orleans, LA, USA
    English - USA
    En panama he encontrado algunos terminos que son parecidos a "community outreach" pero no sé si los usan en otros lugares:

    Esta palabra se usan mucho para referir a las personas comunitarias que visitan a varias casas o comunidades para hablar con la gente sobre un programa, sobre sus derechos, etc. Las promotoras de nuestra Asociación de Mujeres actuaban más o menos como los "community outreach workers" que he encontrado en los Estados Unidos, y también los promotores de varias programas del Ministerio de Desarrollo Social.
    ¿Podría referir a "community outreach" como la "promoción"? No he escuchado esto.

    Usan esta palabra referir a servicios o programas más formales que se llevan a la gente. Por ejemplo, tuvimos un programa agropecuario en que llevaban nuevos variedades de plantas comestibles a varias comunidades para probar, para investigar más y para adoptar. Cuando fuimos a las comunidades, eso se llamaba extensión.

    Espero su comentario.
  25. cipotarebelde Senior Member

    El Salvador
    USA English
    De acuerdo con Ghelliano que quienes hacen "outreach" son promotores. También decimos "promoción social" y "promoción comunitaria". En mi opinión, extensión es lo relacionado con un traspaso de información a nivel comunitaria a través de metodologías desde la educación formal y no por metodologías o estrategias de la educación popular aunque el programa o servicio relacionado sea totalmente "formal".
  26. chicanul Senior Member


    A professional translator friend of mine has told me that there is no one way to translate "outreach". Spanish speaking countries can use "extensión", "promoción", and so on. I recently translated "outreach program for parents" as "programa de ayuda e información para los padres", as one example, hope I don't offend anyone here...
  27. nexdeluna New Member

    Boston, MA. US
    En España podría equivaler a actividades de ¨promoción¨, ¨proyección¨, ¨acción¨ social, destinados a ofrecer información, asistencia, recursos a grupos sociales con dificultades.

  28. LASIBILA New Member

    This is kind of late, but I normally use
    Programas de Proyección Social
  29. Sorguinha Senior Member

    Washington, DC
    Spanish - Peru
    Definitivamente no. Puede parecer que se habla de identificar una comunidad.
  30. gabvel1983 New Member

    Panamá Español
    Programa de Promoción con la Comunidad, Programa de Responsabilidad Social
  31. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    UK English
    Es posible que outreach entrañe una perspectiva de responsibilidad social pero no me parece una buena manera de traducir community outreach. Social responsibility se refiere sobre todo al sector privado - para mantener una imagen limpia y atractiva le toca considerar el impacto social de sus actividades.
  32. thenewteacher Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    Creo que una posibilidad puede ser "servicios socio-comunitarios".En los colegios por ejemplo es la relación entre alumnos y servicios sociales.
    Un saludo
  33. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    UK English
    I am losing the plot with this thread. Outreach isn't about the values or the services but making links with people who haven't been using something. For example a current part of my work is about outreach this means targeting communities who don't normally use the centre I work in.
  34. 48rambo Senior Member

    Texas, USA
    Spanish - Peru
    ¡Enhorabuena la riqueza de nuestro hermoso idioma! Por mi parte, yo lo he visto como "Programas de alcance comunitario", o también como "Servicios de alcance comunitario".
    ¡Saludos a la buena hermandad de foreros!
  35. showerton New Member

    Mexico - Spanish
    Que les parece enlace comunitario
  36. melasa Senior Member

    Seattle, USA
    English & Spanish, USA born
  37. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    UK English
    Ayuda comunitaria seems too vague to my mind. Outreach is about going out and spreading the word, telling where you are, what you do and how to access it. It isn't necessarily the same thing as offering help on the spot - that would be an outreach service as opposed to just outreach.
  38. Suca

    Suca Junior Member

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia
    English-USA, Spanish
    Coinciding with what "cirrus" has explained, I worked for several years for a United Way agency. My job was to "reach out" to the community as well, by going out to different sectors of the community to inform them about services, programs and benefits they might not be aware they had access to. My job title in English was Hispanic Outreach Coordinator (my specific function was to target the Spanish-speaking communities with information they might not have). My official job title in Spanish was "Coordinadora para Informar a las Comunidades Hispanas". Long-ish, and honestly sounds a bit "weird" to me, but I think it made it clear to people what I did. Hope this helps explain what is meant by "outreach". Cirrus' explanation was also very complete and spot on.

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