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    A woman wants to buy a house and she is looking at one condo. But she thinks thant it is too small and says: "This is nice for an apartment, but I don’t know, I wouldn’t like it as a condo."
    She is referring to the unit, not to the whole complex, so which is the difference between an apartament and a condo?
    "Questo andrebbe bene come appartamento, ma non lo so, non mi convince come ???"

    Thank you!
  2. Lorena1970

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    Italy, Italiano
    Per quanto ne so io, "condo" può significare solo "condominio".
    Secondo me le piace l'appartamento ma non le piace il condominio in cui è situato.
  3. london calling Senior Member

    If she wants to buy a house why's she looking at apartments?:confused:

    Comunque secondo me sta dicendo che come appartamento va bene, ma il condominio (il palazzo) non le piace, come ha detto Lorena.:)
  4. Maxi83 Junior Member

    In realtà si riferisce a una differenza che credo esista tra "apartment" e "condo" (condo nel senso di appartamento in un condominio - Siamo negli Stati Uniti). Mentre non si parla del palazzo a cui lei non fa proprio menzione e il problema è che l'appartamento è troppo piccolo.
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    Italy, Italiano
    Posso ricordare male, dati gli anni che sono passati.
    Vediamo se qualcuno lo interpreta diversamente.
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    Hi everyone - I hope I can help you clear this up. The word "condo" here does not refer to the building. It refers to a type of ownership. In an apartment, you pay rent. The same apartment (the same space, the same rooms, etc.) could be sold and then you own a "condo." So she is saying she wouldn't mind paying rent here, but would not consider purchasing the unit.

    edit: found this article showing how a building can have two types of units
  7. london calling Senior Member

    Ok, Jo! I was talking rubbish.:!:D
  8. Maxi83 Junior Member

    :idea: Very clear, thank you for your explanation joanvillafane!!! :thumbsup:
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    Italy, Italiano
    Right Joan (of course!!!). I confusedly rememberd something like that (having a friend who lived in NYC and tried to buy an apertment) but I ayway misisterpreted the sentence. I said rubbish me too!:D
    Said that, in a different context does "condo" also mean "condominium" or am I completely wrong...?
  10. joanvillafane Senior Member

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    U.S. English
    Well, the word "condo" is short for "condominium," but from what I can gather from reading what Italians say about it, it is used in a very different way. Wiki has some good basic definitions:
    Here are some English sentences that may or may not make sense to an Italian:
    She bought a condo. (a unit in a building or even a detached unit, a separate building)
    She lives in a condo building. (we don't know if she's renting or owns the unit)
    Her building went condo. (renters could either decide to purchase or lose their lease)
  11. Lorena1970

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    Italy, Italiano
    My question derives from a sentence I remember from a friend who at at that time told me " I have found a nice apt to rent uptown, in a condo with doorman and laundry in the basement". I remember I understood "condominum", i.e. a building with many apartments, as he wasn't interested in buying it. Does it sound correct to your USA ears?
  12. joanvillafane Senior Member

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    U.S. English
    Yes, Lorena, that sounds like the situation in the link I posted, where a building has a combination of rental units and condo or owner-occupied units.
  13. Lorena1970

    Lorena1970 Senior Member

    Italy, Italiano
    That was the case at that time! Thanks.
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    Another possibility is that the owner of the condo (the unit in the building) is renting out the space. In that case, the woman in question would be renting the condo from the owner. There are multiple possibilities but I believe we have most covered.

  15. Maxi83 Junior Member

    Thank you Phil, but joan's explanation is the right one in this sentence because the owner wants to sell it, not to rent it.
    The woman thinks the condo is too small and so she would be willing to rent it, but not to buy it. So it's good as an apartment, but not as a condo. :)
  16. takashimiike Senior Member

    MI aggancio a questo thread per chiedere lumi circa il significato di "condo" nelle seguenti frasi.

    "The building had been subdivided into luxury condos."

    L'edificio in questione è una casa a schiera di cinque piani, dove a ogni piano corrisponde un appartamento. Cosa vuol dire, dunque, che l'edificio è stato suddiviso in appartamenti di lusso se l'edificio era già composto da cinque appartamenti (uno per ogni piano)?
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